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411 Rated #1.
Roof Maintenance. Shinges Repair.

Our Roofing Maintenance Package Includes:

  • Replacement of Shingles (up to 10 shingles tabs)

  • Repair/Replace ridge/hip caps

  • Check and Seal around all plumbing flanges and water pipes

  • Check, seal and re-secure all air vents

  • Check and seal around skylights

  • Ventilation Evaluation

  • Approximate Roof life Expectancy Evaluation

  • Evaluation of Bathroom Exhaust Ventilation

Canadian Roofs are exposed to harsh weather conditions all 365 days a year. In our climate it is important to keep our roofs maintained as much as possible in order to avoid any unnecessary and costly problems. Our Roof Maintenance Program was created for roofs that are 10 years old and more. By maintaining your roof, your roof will last the amount of years labeled on your shingles. Fixing the smaller issues now will save you the high costs of a complete replacement later.

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