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411 Rated #1.
Top Quality Roof Repairs
Rooring. Singles Repair. Roof Maintenance.

At WOW Roofing and Insulation we pride ourselves on a job well done.


Whether it is a simple shingle repair you are in need of, or a full replacement,
we will do it right the first time!

When you think about all the elements and severe weather your roof takes,
you may need to repair your roof at some point. Whether it’s hail damage, wind, rain, snow, or even poor ventilation, your roof can only take so much before it will need to be repaired/replaced and ventilated.


Choosing WOW Roofing and Insulation will ensure the use of only the best materials that will guarantee your roof will last not only the usual 10-15 years,
but an additional 10-15 years on top of that even under harsh climate and weather.


There may be people who will attempt to repair what might seem like minor damage at first glance, only to end up with much more costly repairs due to their inexperience and improper training. Any roof repair needs the attention of a qualified professional roofing contractor.


Here at WOW Roofing and Insulation we have the experience and qualifications that the York Region area has come to rely on!

Request an Inspection Online or Call Us At 647-992-9662 Today!

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